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Default Re: Disk Warrior to repair Mac OSX Sierra?

More clear detail would help. what exact SSD? make/model? connected exactly how?

Is the computer panicking? Anything interesting in the system logs? ( Interface device drivers are a suspect if Pro Tools is triggering a panic. You could try built in output as the playback engine.

You should not be starting by trying to do brain surgery on the disk drive unless you really know what you are doing, and I don't see why you even think you have a disk drive issue.

Do you have a recent clone/backup.. if so just try booting that.

if not... then bad on your part, and I would connect an external drive or use a different spare internal drive, and do a full clean macOS install to that drive, using USB stick installer if you have to... do a quick pro tools install with ILM and nothing else to that new drive and just see if that is stable at all. you might have a unrelated hardware error that doing this will show up.

If it turns out the current drive is suspect I would not even risk stressing it by trying to use the recovery partition on it. Just leave it alone to start with. May be a good idea to be paranoid and disconnect the drive while going other tests, including to avoid finger mistakes.

It is an SSD, and really ends up looking like the drive is really bad, toss it out... after trying to copy any content you need off it, but actual drive errors are rare, much more likely you have a software error or user mistake that has corrupted something.
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