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Default Re: Cascading direct outputs in mixer?

Ang Wrote:

Why don't you just throw all the mixer faders up to unity and track in direct out mode? Use it like a tape machine.

As stated before, that's EXACTLY what we're doing. The tracks go into one of three Neves. PT should be able to do with outputs the same thing it does with cascading voice alocations...
Ang again...

As far as clients being put off by output selection... What's so different from the equivalent operation on an analogue console?
Does it take that much more time than it does for your assistant to move 32 patches or 32 bus selections on the board?

I think the incredulity happens when you think that PT is run by a computer, and should therefore do this stuff lickety-split. It's no different than the time it takes to crosspatch, but a one-plus gigaflop machine should do this faster (and with one selection or key command) than an assistant (before or after his first coffee).

Get my gripe?
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