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Default Re: Cascading direct outputs in mixer?

Been a while since you posted, but I'll toss this out anyway...

Too bad you don't have to go the other direction... option-selecting an output changes all tracks to that output.

Why don't you just throw all the mixer faders up to unity and track in direct out mode? Use it like a tape machine.

As far as clients being put off by output selection... What's so different from the equivalent operation on an analogue console?
Does it take that much more time than it does for your assistant to move 32 patches or 32 bus selections on the board? Plus, how many multitracks out there can comp individual background notes to stereo pairs without using extra inputs on the desk? I haven't had a client yet who is not awe struck at the power of this system.

That said... ya, it would be nice to have some selection pages. My peeve is voice allocation. Re-selecting voices on 64 tracks is about the worst thing you want to do in the middle of a session. I would love to see them make a voice allocation page, where you can quickly get to the voice selections, and some automated functions like sequential re-allocation on highlighted tracks.

You Digi guys getting this down?

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