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Default Re: Max number of channels in a 4.2 rig confusion?

Anyone from Digi have an answer on this one? I've combed through the manuals and such, and am still stumped with how 72 channels is the limit and not 64...

Thanks in advance. If I can find the cards, I might just try and build a maxxed out unit. Currently have:

3 Disk I/O
1 Bridge I/O
4 Farms
2 Sample Cell II TDM
1 Lexicon NUVerb TDM
One blank slot in the 12 slot Nubus chassis...

So that should be giving me 32 channels of I/O
Will be upgrading to 4.x or above very shortly in my old school Quadra 650 with maxxed ram and a 4 gig hd
040 ECI card for chassis

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