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Default Re: Waveform Display : Dunce question

Originally Posted by midnightrambler View Post
I've been using ProTools for 10 years and I still don't understand how the waveform amplitudes can look so different per track - for instance can anyone please explain this to me? I've hit "ctrl-alt-cmd-[" to get the reset the waveforms -

Now there's only 2.5dB difference between the yellow waveform (stereo track) and the blue one (mono track), yet it looks like there is hardly any signal at all on the yellow track. Why??? Do stereo tracks not display the same?

Love ya all as usual .....

Your image is very small and difficult to view. assuming the tracks were recorded at the same level! the mono tracks do show slightly higher waveforms.

try split to mono on a stereo track and see what it shows!

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