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Default Re: Pro Tools 7.4 Elastic audio tutorials...?

Yes, you can easily change the whole project tempo. Including vocals!

1. Make sure all tracks are set to "ticks" mode. To change this hold down option and click on the little colored icon to the left of the word "dyn" on any audio track in the edit window.

2. Enable elastic time on all audio tracks. The easiest way is to hold down the option key and select the "polyphonic" elastic audio plug-in. You can change the drum tracks to "rhythmic" if you want, or tweak later.

3. In the edit window, go up to the tempo ruler and double click on the red triangle. That will bring up the Tempo Change dialog box. Change the tempo to whatever you want. To keep things nice and tidy, try to make this change on bar 1 beat 1 (as far to the left as you can go in the tempo ruler).

That's it! Your tracks should now play at the new tempo.

If that doesn't work, try step 4:

4. Make sure ProTools knows how long each region should be. To check this select each region one at a time and press option+5 (or select "elastic properties" from the Region menu). Type in the correct length for the region. (It really helps if you can trim your regions to an exact length in grid mode first, so that your regions are a nice round length such as 4|0|000). For example, a 4 bar drum loop region needs to be exactly 4 bars long and read 4|0|000 in the elastic properties window for elastic audio to work correctly. Do this for every region that's not changing tempo correctly.

Hope that helps,

Jeff D.
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