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Default Re: Scrub Wheel Again!

You beat me to it, Jules!!

It's time we let Stan know what the lingering issues are in ProControl land. You must consider this:

When an issue like the scrub wheel is put on the back burner and gets overlooked in a couple of software revs, the chances of it EVER being attended to go WAY WAY DOWN. Digi has their software guys bunkered away working on porting to OS X. My big beef is that some of the shortcomings of the ProControl have been solved with the hugely expesive EditPack instead of some fairly minor (IMHO) software and hardware tweaks. Think about it Digi: if someone needs a workstation with REAL EDITING PROWESS (saving the mixing for another room/stage) and wants to have a ProControl as part of that environment, can they justify the expense of an EditPack?

Remap the Keyboard Focus commands to the Channel Matrix and give us a plastic overlay. Make "Trim w/Scrub" happen with the scrub wheel. I've had the hood up, and for the life of me, I don't know why Digi thinks a trackball retrofit kit can't be put together. I've looked into small to meduim sized optical trackballs and I think I could do it myself with some help from a fabricator I know who makes custom stuff just like this all the time for the local university's research scientists.

How much would you guys pay for a nice optical trackball retrofit kit for your ProControl?

later, j mcd
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