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Default Aux/bus input "doubles" my tracks! Need help

Hey everybody.
Bit of a long post, but I'm trying to get as many details in it as possible to help pin point how I can fix my problem.

I recently brought an old song I was working on from my old computer that had Pro Tools 8 into my new computer that runs Pro Tools 12.

I always have an aux channel running as a reverb bus for my guitar parts and I have a compression bus for the drums for parallel compression.

My problem is now, that everything I send through their respective bus, gets played back double.
So all the drum tracks (I'm running Ezdrummer 2 and splitting everything out to their own individual aux track and then sending all them to the compression bus) sounds waaaay too big because it's being "doubled" from the individual track and the bus track at the same time.

The guitars sound a little out of phase from this and has this horrible cocked wah kinda overtone going at all times. When I turn the guitar bus off it goes away, but I lose the slight reverb that I always use.

I'm not having this problem from new Pro Tools 12 sessions, but it would be a massive pain having to bring all the parts over to a new session from the old when I can just open it in 12 and start working.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about??? It's insanely frustrating and I just want to work on the song, but can't until I fix this. I tried looking on youtube and google, but can't find anybody talking about this.

I'm trying to look through all the outputs from the various sends and bus, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.

I can route it so the bus more or less acts like one big volume knob for whatever gets sent into the bus, but then I don't get the parallel compression effect where I just roll it up until it sounds the way I want it.
Same with the reverb on the guitar tracks.
When I route it that way the doubling effect stops, but like I said, the desired effect where I can roll the amount I want of of reverb on the guitars and compression on the drums gets lost.
Another thing is. In a normal session, if I solo an aux input for the drums, I can hear it soloed, but here it's just muted when I hit the solo button.

I tried looking at every single track in this session and another session that was started in Pro Tools 12 and everything looks like it's the exact same settings but sounds different.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I'm going crazy hehe. I need to fix it.

Sorry for the very long post, but I hope somebody here knows what I'm talking about.
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