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Default Re: Pro Tools I/O and Focusrite Scarlett

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Since updating to PT 2020-3 I'm not getting any input from my focusrite 212, I have done everything regarding the settings I/O deleted and reassigned default all to no avail.

What am I missing??

On OS 10.13.6
You are posting onto a thread about a problem with an 18i8, and it does not sound like it's related to your problem. Why don't you start your own new thread and include the following into/things to try:

"not getting any input"... what does that mean? Do you see the track meter move and just not hear anything? Or no meters as well?

Can you play back existing recorded content? What exactly happens, what do you see happening on the screen and hear.

What exactly did you change? (any OS updates done as well?)

What exactly are you seeing?

What exactly are all the options that show up in the Setup>Playback Engine>pPayback Engine menu?

Is the 2i2 selected as that playback engine? Double check it is.

What happens when you test with Built In Output selected as the PlayBack Engine?

You should already have tried trashing prefs, part of normal troubleshooting... see under "help us help you" up the top of each DUC web page.
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