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Default Re: PT 11/12 coexist?

Like I said if thats important to you get a black box and use DSP (Soundgrid) pugins... The best thing about this system to me is you can use it with anything, not just PT... so its more versitle than an AAX plugin which can ONLY be used in AVID (from what I currently know, maybe Logic and others have opened up to the format, but not sure)... you have a number of options depending on your system/console... from external servers, to cards for your console...

Lots of options and some options are cheaper than buying new AAX bundles with other parties to replace your WAVES stuff... Id assume. Ive been thinking this direction in case we ever decide to abandon PT all together.... which with latest history seems more plausible than ever

*** sorry this is off topic, just responding to an earlier post on this thread
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