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Default Re: Pro Tools Changes the Sample Rate

Originally Posted by Lucas Melo View Post
Hy Jeam, thanks for the reply.
Windows is, indeed, using it as my primary device, both for Audio Recording and Playback...
I've seen this reply on other similar questions and tried the solution myself... However, when I change the Device to another one, I can no longer use 2i2 to hear anything... According to the tutorial by the manufacturer, I should be able Record and Playback the sound directly from the Interface, and it seems that the only way for it to work is to maintain it as my default device, since when I changed it I had to conect my phones directly in the computer in order to get some playback...
You have taken the wrong fork and heading down the wrong river. Turn back now. Unplug the headphones from your computer and *never* plug them back in there when working with Pro Tools.

Make sure the headphones volume on the 2i2 is turned up.

What exact headphones do you have?

Make sure the interface is not being used by Windows audio.

The 2i2 has basic hardware monitoring. My suspicion is you have the 2i2 set to fully hardware monitor and you have no live mic etc input to the 2i2 and with the monitor set as you have it you are not hearing playback from the DAW, just those those live inputs with no signal.

You need to read the product manual about hardware monitoring, and play around to understand what all this does. So hopefully you have a mic handy to play with.

If you cannot get hardware monitoring to work, and understand how to use it to monitor live inputs and blend back in DAW output as well... then you may have a faulty 2i2 headphone output, but much more likely to be you are not understanding hardware monitoring.
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