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Default Re: Low Latency Monitoring question

Originally Posted by taylor4814 View Post
Low Latency Monitoring enabled
IMO, LLM is not needed to begin with -- most can monitor themselves while tracking at 256 buffer, myself included. Those that cannot, most are fine with 128 buffer. EVERYONE is fine with 64 buffer.

Math says 64 buffer means 64/48000 = 1.33ms which is equivalent of someone whispering to your ear 1.5 feet away. Surely you have had your monitor wedge somewhere far far away and still be able to perform? Or the drum kit, are you not able to play bass if your distance to kick drum is 2 feet or more? Sounds so ridiculous, right? Well the LLM in itself is just as ridiculous.

I myself can monitor myself using 256 buffer. No problem. Using 512 there is a noticeable echo which makes it impossible. I don't care if there are sonic advantages going from 256 to 128 or lower because my brain only cares about the (absence of) noticeable echo. When I'm monitoring myself I don't need feelgood from mastered ready to release sounds, I only need the cue mix to be "fast enough".
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