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Default Re: Turning Off MMM Display Mode

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post
Thanks for the feedback rus5. I'm sorry you are not happy with the progress that has been made on S6 over the past few years but I do believe there has been some fantastic features implemented. It is certainly not just support for Atmos, the Joystick and Master Post Modules. Here's a few features that I believe are huge for workflow:

Expand Faders
Attention Zones that can be toggled at will
Nested VCA Masters - Spill and Unspill
Stereo Pan Linking & 2-Knob Panning
Channelstrip and MTM Locking
Auto-Expand and Expand by function

Yes, Eddie and I are here on the DUC because we care and want to help users to get the most out of the S6. I agree that the Assignable Knob needs to be implemented within Pro Tools as it currently only functions in Logic and Steinberg DAW's. We do actually appreciate your feedback so please send us the specifics on the roadblocks that you are encountering with graphs, plug-ins and meter overs and we will work with 3rd parties to get them resolved. My Avid email is .


Hi Jeff, again, thanks for responding (and late at night no less - I didn't expect that). I've met you, and interacted with Eddie several times and I get that you guys do care and are trying to help. Thank you for your direct contact info but for these things I think other users and potential buyers need to hear this very different user's perspective than Avid's. To be clear, these issues have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with third parties. This is all Avid. I agree that at least most of the things you listed ARE useful additions. But given the amount of time (and the cost of the product), the list is pretty small (and some would say includes features that should have been in place at product launch at this price point). And there is no question that the list of things that are seriously needed is very large and Avid seems to have turned the rate of core fixes and improvements very far down - perhaps limited by funds?

I am definitely not saying the S6, even as it is, is useless or isn't good. But it is FAR less than something this expensive should be. I feel that users were essentially misled in the beginning (when the early new S6's we had just bought could hardly do anything) that a vast effort was underway to get the S6 where it should be. It's been YEARS now and a lot of the energy has been expended addressing only Avid's very highest end customers (who have really big $150,000 setups where they can afford money and room for dedicated knob and display modules, post modules and fader modules). But most of us aren't in that category and basic things still aren't being addressed. I and MANY others have commented on many of them on this forum over the years, and still - well nearly another year and essentially nothing on them.

Feedback from users like me (M40-16-5D) and even smaller systems needs to be provided too even if the truth is we're not big enough shots to pull any weight. Yet what I've spent for a 16 fader control surface is ASTRONOMICAL and I was expecting, well "Astronomical" based on Avid's promises. Between the nearly nonexistent resale value of my original S6 M10-8-5 to upgrade to my current system, it's cost me approaching $80K. Given that the s/w updates addressing core issues have essentially halted, I'm feeling basically screwed.

But again, you and Eddie are the face of Avid/S6 to guys like me, not responsible for it, and I really don't mean to shoot the messenger. I know you guys would do everything your customer's ask if it was up to you. Still, after waiting so long for a significant core feature update and getting this instead, somebody needs to be saying this out loud.

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