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Default Re: Turning Off MMM Display Mode

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post
Sorry - but I have to call you on this one. There have been more significant updates in a shorter period of time than any other control surface. Please take a look at this document:

Regarding the implementation of the Master Meter Module - I will defer to Eddie on what can and can not be done.

Thanks for the response Jeff but I'm afraid I'm going to have to call YOU on this one. The link you cite actually makes my case, especially if one owns an S6 and is aware of what is MISSING from those lists. I've owned this product since V1.2, several years ago. It STILL has an entire section on it that doesn't even function - the "Assignable Knob" section - which is still totally dark (w/ Pro Tools, the DAW it's primarily designed to work with). I've paid my support contract (or upgraded) every year since. Like most users, I don't work in ATMOS, I don't own or need a post module or a joy stick module and most of the s/w updates in the last two years have mostly provided support and features for those. The one-step jump from V2.2 to V3.5 didn't provide essentially anything. This last update provided one significant feature that is useless for me (and probably most users) since I only have two display modules, because it can't be toggled on and off. Read Eddie's response below yours - he basically states this same thing himself pretty bluntly. There were no other significant features after almost a year of waiting (and paying). Even the "over" indicators in the meters on my display modules and master module only occasionally (and randomly) work if at all. I'm sorry, but for probably most users there have been few significant features provided in the last two or so years of s/w updates. I'm not guessing you understand, I have owned and used an S6 since V1.2. It is what it is.

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