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Default Re: How to merge several separate PT sessions into one ?

Originally Posted by Chris7514 View Post
Chris !
Exactly, that's my point. In my case it is for a live production show with video. The live musicians will be performing to a click track ( sweetener). I wanted to have the particular groups of instruments on separate outputs of 002R, all tempo maps, markers etc. from all "component sessions" preserved as a continuation. Another words: merging previous session as a whole into a new one with a starting point. I did also notice that after importing data from the session 2 in a chain, all tempo maps, markers etc. dissapeared from session one. Bar 97 ( beginning of a song 2) became bar 1. Previous song ( session) had negative bar numbers (!!!). All tempo data were gone etc. Total mess !!
Since then I walked around the issue, and created a big session manually importing just audio stems to particular tracks and creating a tempo map manually for each song in a chain. ( it took all day, sorry to say, but it had to be done).
I'm really frustrated that it is not possible to merge "component" sessions into one preserving ALL data in a chain.
For film scoring for example this may be crucial to be able to put together session after session data into a big one, especially if you worked on scoring cues as separate sessions...
Am I missing something here ?
Chris, no thatīs ok...
But the problem is, that I just canīt use AudioStems, cause I need the MIDI Stuff, cause the score isnīt finished and to be flexible till the end...., yepp, thatīs the problem...

I now imported the tracks, without the tempomap of the 2nd Session after the 1st into the BigOne...with offset setting in the "Session import Dialog" and copied the tempo map from Session Nr.2 via copy-paste manually into the BigOne, starting at the offset point.
That works for me, but you have always to go a 2nd time into the source, copy to clipboard, close session, enter BigOne, look for the point to paste in...
It works, but there really should be the option to import the "TempoTrack" also with offset...and markers also...)
Would be a great feature...
Chris Simon
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