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Default Re: Should we all just Hackintosh while we can?

Originally Posted by JoelG View Post
None of those statements would be true if I where to be using whatever the latest Mac OS is these days.

Every time Apple releases an OS upgrade, it's a storm of posts here wondering when Pro Tools will be supported and folks who upgraded too early complaining that nothing works.

And... why would that be? The question is rhetorical and doesn't warrant nor is looking for an answer, so I'll just post my opinion. I am in the middle of demos of several packages on Apple silicon. To me the Pro Tools updates are too slow, making it unviable an option as I do not want to be stuck in time, OS wise. I find it a shame that in returning to audio productions, returning to being a Pro Tools user seems to not be worth the effort when I need multiple tools to work on one computer.
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