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Default Re: Lynx Aurora 16 Or UA Apollo 16 Silver

Thanks for the replies. I was really intrigued by the Lynx Aurora but I was able to get the Apollo 16 Silver in very nice condition for $1100 on reverb. The cheapest I saw the Lynx plus pcie card would have been around $1600.
If you add in $200 for the Dsub cables it was getting a bit out of my budget for an audio interface.
On a side note, when I received the Apollo 16 the seller had installed the Thunderbolt drivers and the firewire was not recognized in my Mac. It took my 2 days to figure out how to revert the firmware but I got it running today!

The Apollo sounds good so far, just used it one day. It works perfectly with Pro Tools 2019.
It also has the thunderbolt card, so if I upgrade my mac I will still be able to keep this unit for a bit.
I must say recording UAD plugins is super cool. The Ampeg bass amp sounds killer! I'm about to have some fun! I have a quad PCIE card so now I have an Octo, yippie!
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