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Default Re: Auto-Bank to selected track

It would be nice if "Auto-Bank to Track Mode" were renamed to "Auto-Bank to Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area Preference" or if you need to go simpler "Auto-Bank to Attention Options" or "Auto-Bank to DAW Changes." Track mode is too vague and is not explained in the manual and doesn't seem to really mean anything there is a "Banking Mode" and a "Layout Mode."

I just read through all of this thread again and played with all these options. Reread the manual (which I wish it worked like the manual said because those are nice options). "Auto-Bank to Track Mode" only works in conjunction with doing things in the DAW never anything on the surface that I can tell and it is based on the options selected under "Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area."

I'm sorry I am slow on this but if there is something I am missing still please advise. I'd love to hear Eddie's thoughts on this as well. Thanks Jeff for all your help with this.
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