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Default Re: Core card PCI-X or Pcie Accel?

1) Your Pro Tools version and plugins are the only consideration regarding session compatibility not the hardware. I assume you realise you will need a newer mac in order to run PCIe. You didn't actually specify your current mac, I'm guessing from your PT version it is a G5? If you're looking at cheesegrater mac pros you need to check all your PPC plugins have intel versions and if you can still get versions of them that work with PT8 and your OS. Bear in mind that for the vast majority of plugins if you simply upgrade to the latest version it will NOT work with PT 8 TDM as the latest versions will be 64 bit AAX.

2) I think the blue and green cards are just different years of manufacture and aren't different in terms of functionality. But please don't hold me to that one as I didn't go HD until PCIe generation, hopefully another expert will chip in there. I know I have one blue and one green Accel PCIe card myself and they both work the same.

3) No Accel Core PCIe is the primary card. Accel PCIe are the secondary cards.
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