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Default Re: 6.1 for XP in June!!

We are the red headed step-children. The inheritance only goes to the naturally born. Excuse my piturbance. I am feeling as if there is some merit to the old! the story!that the emperor really is naked. Sales people have a job and apart from reality must do their job to keep beens in their pot and smoke in their chimneys. For that I give them relative forgiveness and understanding. But for the fact that we are having to teach other (and I love all who have contributed) how to get over all the errors and file not recognized situations and this or that doesn't work to fit the task I'm trying to fullfil...ok I've vented...the computer can be good and can do you wrong because garbage in does equal garbage out just remember humans are programing just as humans are selling what the programers are doing and the rest of us humans are using the same mentioned and it will another human that will explain a piece of the puzzle...eventually

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