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Default 6.1 for XP in June!!

Hello. Hey guys I'm frankly surprised there hasn't been more chatter on this. I guess everyone is talked out or something. I think there is just one or two threads on this in the LE Windows forum, but they quickly just stated the facts and died. I am surprised that no one has gone on at length about it.

To recap, looking for a (late) June delivery of Pro Tools 6.1 for XP all flavors, LE and TDM with Rewire. Rewire alone I would have thought would have a lot of people here talking. Also the DV Toolkit which will allow LE to have a SMPTE timeline, amongst other features and plug ins included, at a price of course.

Oddly enough guys, with so much Post Production ambience at NAB, I forgot to ask the Digidesign people about the much rumored rackmount 002 or if 6.1 will include a fully functional, bug free ASIO driver. One thing I did ask that still sucks. No 'DV through Firewire' feature for XP systems. According to the Digidesign folks it's a limitation that Apple puts in the Windows QuickTime version. So I guess it's up to Apple to allow this to happen.
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