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Default Re: Avid NEW audio solutions?

Originally Posted by reichman View Post
I understand why, the S6 is running Windows, and touchscreen technology there is not as well-developed.
I think that's more about who Avid sourced that part from. It's not exactly the best in a lot of ways (flicker, colour, etc.) Plus there are two types of touch screen. Compare that to the Microsoft Surface touchscreen that is way better than the iPads.

But I do prefer the standardised iPad. Tech gets better and it's easier to swap/replace if things go wrong. Though my experience with iPad batteries tells me to keep and eye on on expanding case when the batteries get near end of life (the batteries expand and push on the case.) If you can catch it in time, you can replace them. If you don't, the expansion will separate the metal casing too much and damage the touch responsiveness and then it just has to go to recycling.
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