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Default Re: GUI issues - 2019.5 and Mojave

Originally Posted by Eric Lambert View Post
Absolutely! It was a well-documented bug prior to 2019.5 but has been fixed (for many) with this latest version of PT -- I'm surprised that you're still seeing it. I suspect that the answer will be yes but do you have the latest versions of those particular plugins? Have you reset the vram since upgrading to Mojave? It often repairs GUI-related issues.
thanks for the response. I did find a few past OS / PT versions posted about having issues and for some apparently the fix was setting pro tools to open in "low resoultion". I tried that and a PRAM / VRAM reset but my session today still had issues.

I do have the most recent UAD version installed and the most recent auto tune version as well.

I just did a re-install of pro tools in hopes that something just clicks..
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