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Default Re: Pro Tools cannot find (all) my aax plugins.

Originally Posted by JesperT View Post
Hi Darryl
1000 Thank you for your long and thorough answer. Unfortunately, the "injury has happened". My recording hard drive is now ONLY available on my new PC and because I didnt know how to end the Macdrive session properly I can't open it without Mac Drive. Do you have a suggestion on how to proceed, or Do you know anybody who had the experience with Macdrive.
thanks in advance
If you have MacDrive on the computer and can read the HFS+ (aka Mac OS Extended File System) recording drive just drag and drop the files on it to an NTFS partition on that drive or another drive (don't move then just make copies to a new partition with drag and drop and check if those works). You can ding instructions in how to create an NTFS partition on the web.

NTFS is the native filesystem on Windows, and is technically superior to HFS+ so if working on a PC it's a better place to be (Apple has finally caught up and gone past NTFS with the new APFS filesystem used since High Sierra). but my main concern here is you just should be keeping stuff as simple as possible.

Before doing any of this post a SiSoft Sandra report so we can understand what you actually have.
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