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Default Re: Using multiple versions of ProTools??

If it's possible to move this to the other Thread That would be fine..

My PT10 is fairly comfortable for me to use, doesn't have any issues, as a rule, I can use it on my MBP for Mobile Recording as is & I don't have to pay a fee to renew it every year.

Apple said that I probably can't do split Partitions on my MBP & use 2 different OS's to run PT10 & PT2018 on each..

PreSonus said, the Universal Upgrade is questionable with High Sierra & I could have Issues.

PT defers questions that don't relate to PT...

You're probably right. I have a comfortable format & maybe I should leave well enough alone... I thought PT2018 might offer features for better sounding Recordings & new upgraded useful Plugins.. Also I could have an OS that is compatible with WAVES & other things I may wish to do via the Computer.. With the old OS I have I can't even go to Sweetwater for Tech Support...

To whom it may concern, Feel free to move this to the other Thread..

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