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Question Audio MIDI setup says DIGI 002 midi device is offline

I recently re-formatted my computer and set-up MacOS Snow Leopard. I also updated to Pro-Tools 8 while i was at it (i'm currently running the 8.1 pre-release). Since i've recently bought some sweet outboard stuff i decided to start using my DIGI002 again at home. Now, for the first time i'm trying to use the midi input.

The midi light on the rack blinks when i press notes (on a Roland PAD-8 octapad), so that's definitely working.

But none of my audio programs (PT8, Ableton Suite 8) give me the option of a Digi002 as a midi input.
If i go to Audio MIDI setup, it has my Digi002 in there, so it's definitely installed, but it says that the device is not online - even though it's plugged in and audio is working fine.

see here:
(My trigger finger is working fine even though its grey there, it's just not plugged in :) )

I should mention that i don't know if it was working before i setup my computer from scratch, as i haven't used my digi rack for a long time.

Also, other MIDI devices work fine.

Can anyone help?
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