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Default midi global offset - midi click - delay compensation - VEPRO


I'm using protools 10.3 , and have 2 PC slaves running VEPRO, with large orchestral templates.

But I'm having problems keeping the miditracks in sync, and on the GRID, (and I'm sure I'm not the only one)

There are different ways to do deal with this, but each way creates other problems, but there's one thing that makes live very hard:
using the midi global offset also makes the clicktrack/ midiclock move to the same amount of the global offset. I can think of situations where this could be a handy feature, but most of the time this is very annoying. Having a drumloop in audio, on the grid, and having a clicktrack playing not on the grid anymore but with an offset isn't very practical, or having plug ins like stylus RMX getting a delayed midiclock.
I didn't find a way of changing this. Or did I miss something ? What you can do is manually give an offset to the seperate miditracks, but you have to do this one by one, and in a template with 150 midi tracks, is annoying, the same for using delay on the miditracks themselves, also one by one, because you can't group edit this .

I found this thread from 2 years ago, and indeed: nothing changed

-Having delay's on the tracks while recording still displaces the midi information to the delay (so manually have to turn delay off for recording, or bring them back with the same amount of delay)
-the midi offset pages doesn't permitted changes to several tracks at the same time (nor the delay on the track function) and creates same problem of placing the recorded midi information not where you intended.
-the clicktrack simply moves with the global offset: but no control over when you want this or not (even if you put it on an instrument track, with delay : there are no midinotes to be delayed , because it gets it from the midiclock itself. (I didn't know this, but by recording the clicktrack, you see the click moving away from the grid)

If anybody has a easy solution, in protools that is, ...

for the moment I have delay compensation always on (otherwise I have other syncproblems, and switching between on and off in the sessions makes everything start to float..)
Midi global offset: 0 (otherwise the midiclock moves as well)
manual delays (-30ms average, some more, some less depending on sound and library: determed by placing note on the grid, record, and see have far off the it is)
Stay close to the grid

Anybody has any useful tips, that works well and is practical to work with, please do share !


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