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Default Re: Totally missed Waves going rent to own w/FLEX

They've been doing this awhile, since Summer 2018. So it's not anything to be concerned about.

It's not really much of a deal when you consider the overall payment for so few plugins, even if you own them after 2 years. IMO. You can get a much better deal by waiting for the Bundle sales or the $29 sales.

Have you guys noticed in the last couple weeks they've add $0.99 to everything. It use to be a straight price, $29, $49, etc... now all the plugins are $1 more (essentially) $29.99, $49.99 etc...

I don't mind a sub if there is value in it. The PA sub is unmatched for value. Over 110 plugins for about $0.57 a day. That easily pays for itself.

If Waves did a sub with similar pricing I'm sure it would take off as well. Though I don't need too much more from them since I have most of them.
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