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Default Re: FIX!! Protools HD 8.1 and Win 7 64 bit

The problem with Win 7 was that the later updates weren’t “Digitally Signed” and Win 7 64 bit didn’t like that. Pro Tools 10, the latest version to support HD TDM is still not a 64 bit app. Nothing wrong with 8.1.1, just limited to RTAS or TDM plugins. If you have any Waves plugins you can download Waves 9.3 I believe to install the TDM versions, but don’t use it to apply your licenses. I use the latest 9 or version 10 to put my licenses on a USB stick and then use the TDM installer to install the plugins. Not all Waves plugins are TDM compatible, go to Waves website and search “TDM”. The first link with have the installer and a list of plugins that are TDM compatible.
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