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Default Re: Pro Tools 10 CPU Overload

I have an external drive. A Glyph GPT50 2TB. I planned on saving my sessions to this drive but haven't yet because I just got this drive. I was also planning on moving all my sample libraries to this drive.
Uh Oh. Bzzzzzzzztt ;-)

This is very likely the root of this problem, you need to get your Audio/session files on this drive. Do NOT put your sample file on this drive. Leave the sample file on the system drive. You never want the sample file IO contending with the audio file IO on the same disk (like you have right now).

After you have installed the disk, in the PT Setup>playback engine set the buffer size to 1024, 128 is likely way to small for this laptop doing VI work. #CPU=4 is also way off for a dual core i5. Start with this set to 1. Get things totally stable and everything properly configured first then later try reducing the buffer size if needed for lower latency or seeing if the system can handle tweekeing #CPU up slightly for more VI processing.

A Sandra report may still help... (even better make it after you install the new drive).

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