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Default Re: how to I get xpand2 to work with imported tracks?

Originally Posted by BenzoSt2 View Post
I imported a MIDI file with 16 tracks that I previously created and exported on another computer using Pro Tools M-Powered.

When I insert Xpand2 to a track, the track remains gray instead of turning blue. And I can't get any sound to play from the tracks that I inserted Xpand2 upon.

Its not clear from your description exactly what you did. Not sure what you mean by the track "turning blue". In any case,make sure you have Xpand instantiated on an instrument track, not an audio track. Then on one of the MIDI tracks, make sure the MIDI track output is directed to that instance of Xpand.

I assume you have 16 different parts, hence 16 MIDI tracks. With Xpand, you can have up to 4 different parts, each on its own MIDI channel, so at minimum you would need 4 instrument tracks each with Xpand on it. You will need more if some of the Xpand sounds you want to use are layered using more than 1 voice slot in Xpand. Just be sure you've got the right MIDI channels assigned for each instance of Xpand and the MIDI outs for all the MIDI tracks. Hope that helps.
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