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Default Re: Plugins won't activate

I appreciate the help, Janne, though not the condescending and curt tone of it.

It would be helpful to calm down a little.
I'll 'calm-down' when Avid start paying for my studio 'down-time'. Besides, perhaps you're reading too much into the text.

You can ask Avid Support to provide you a download link.
What Avid Suport? I'm still waiting for a confirmation of a ticket from 2 days ago. And though I fully appreciate Jeffro saying he'll request another support case yesterday, I have heard nothing back from Avid to confirm this either, as yet.

Tried the search suggestion which necessitaed the creation of a Master Account (nein danke, I googled that as well, a lot of returns mentioned errors and people unable to access their accounts).

From this forum I found this: But again, no joy. Perhaps you know of a direct link?

Meanwhile, I am shall be working in Logic Pro X. I know it will be there tomorrow.

Hope you have a better day than me. Off to anger-management therapy now ,-)
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