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Default Re: Can't Delete Plugins

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
ElCrapitan was one of the worst for PT. More info needed - what exact PT version? If you put this kind of stuff in your profile we wouldn't have to waste time with the back and forth like this. PT didn't become compatible with EC until PT12.3
12.6.0 - as far as I'm aware, that's the most recent version. To answer the other question, all of the plugins are still showing up in my plugins list when I go to add a new insert. Additionally, the plugins actually load if I select it. SO it's got to be somewhere on my computer, even though I've searched my computer for anything with the name of the company (Melda) and can't seem to find anything, since I already deleted the plugins in my plugin folder in Application Support, the MeldaProduction folder in App Support, and another folder that I found just in ~/library also called MeldaProduction...
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