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Default Re: AAE-7058 error after I close and open PT again

Originally Posted by mirovaz View Post
Hello forum members
Something strange happened yesterday and I am not able to fix it yet.

Finished a mix session. Went out for lunch. Came back so I could listen to it again and export the session with the artist. Boom... I keep getting this error for no reason. I did not changed anything on the computer. Did not installed anything. Just saved the session, went for lunch, came back and opened ProTools again.

Any advice?

PS: since that I installed again the ELRey compressor, EC3000 delays but now I get the same error OR a new one saying the same plugins are not 64bit AAX plugins. WTH?
Same problem, same manufactures: McDsp, Exponential Audio, Nugen
This is terrible, I can't roll back my clock, I get a iLok message saying "clock can't be repaired" also don't have TimeMachine
This is bad
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