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Default Re: AAE-7058 error after I close and open PT again

hello to all.

i have the same problem with plugins apparently "not being authorized" after updating my iphone to iOS 13 (and mindlessly just installing the software update required for this operation).

affected by this are my Sonnox Oxfords, McDSPs, NUGEN and my Empirical Labs Arousor plugs.

what i found is that all of these plugins continue to work just fine in AU and VST format but not as AAXs in ProTools (2019.6.0). i noticed this while sending clips from my timeline to iZotope RX 7 Advanced via
the RX 7 Connect AudioSuite plugin and opening the "unauthorized" plugs in RX 7's "Plugin" module.

that (or a similar workflow of processing audio externally) might be a weak remedy for some affected users (i know, using e.g. offline loudness metering is not an effective workflow (i'm mixing tv stuff right now),
nevertheless i wanted to share this).

let's hope for the best.
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