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Default Re: AAE-7058 error after I close and open PT again

Originally Posted by jeam25 View Post
Hi thats great to hear but, can you elaborate more on the IOs thing and how you think impacted your system when have the time ? Someone else can benefit from that .
To tell the truth I don't think mirovaz knows exactly what caused the problem; he just rolled back to a known-good setup. Without knowing the exact things that changed I don't believe we'll ever get to what caused the problem. And I don't think it was pilot error either. Sometimes Apples does stuff with these updates that can screwup a system big time. I had a 'security update' to OSX 10.9.5 that bricked my old iMac. Luckily I had an external Carbon Copy Cloner backup that I was able to restore my system and get back to work.

It's for when stuff like this happens that's it's not just a good thing but mandatory to have some kind of backup system in place.
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