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Default 2018 Mac Mini Ditch Pro Tools Plan

Well, err, kinda ditch Pro Tools

2018 Mac Mini $1,799 - 3.2GHz 6‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz) add 1 TB storage and 10GB ethernet - why not only $100 more
Ram 64GB OWC $394 - replace stock ram myself to save $$
Presonus 48x48 Thunderbolt 3 interface - $1,499 - use with my existing racked preamps

Total: $3,692

I would sell my loaded 2010 Mac Pro Cheesegrater, Pro Tools Native Card, 2 blue Digi interfaces 1 analog, 1 digital, Waves Soundgrid DLI and Impact Server. I figure I could come close to covering my costs.

I'd cut the cord from Pro Tools for good and just continue to use my perpetual license making Studio One Pro my main DAW.

I do need accessories for the Mac Mini - namely external box(es) for storage, adapters for 2 additional 60hz 1920x1080 monitors (no big graphics needed so hoping thunderbolt 3 will cut it) so this will add to my cost.

My main attraction to the Mac Mini 2018 is 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. Down the line I think this future proofs me for different interfaces if I want. I also think the processing and RAM will give me about the same power as I have now, maybe better.

Believe it or not, my main issue is, if I do want to go back to pro tools, can I give up the HD Native Driver for the Presonus driver without any big worries.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Studio: 2010 Mac Pro Tower Intel Xeon 12 core 3.33 GHz, 64 GB macOS Sierra PCIe SSD 256GB Boot | Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.4 | HD Native Card | Digi 192 Analog & 192 Digital Blue | Digi PRE, FR OctoPre MKII, Mackie Onyx 800R, Panasonic WZ-AD96M and DA7, Eleven Rack, Apogee Big Ben, Waves DLI, Impact Server, Horizon, Rode K2. Laptop: Dell Inspiron 5559, i7-6500U 2.6Ghz, 16 GB RAM, 15.6" 1920x1080 1TB SSD
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