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Default Re: 20% off PT Ultimate Update Plan Reinstatement

Originally Posted by Justin1524 View Post
Funny how "reinstatement" makes it sound as if those that let their bloated yearly fees lapse are like criminals paying off their debt. Ridiculous of Avid to treat customers so badly.

Yet some-many-we pay-back-in from the curiosity standpoint.

memory location name space, memory marker lanes, ARA incorporation, add search to audio-suite
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Testing:All APFS 90% 10% Audio on HFS+(Testing 1.5 yr in)
Pro Tools U-2019.10 macOS 10.14.6 APFS
Second boot-macOS 10.13.6 (Avid HDX-1 Omni)

(MP 5,1 / 64-Gb)
(Sapphire RX-580 MacVCEdition, 3-Displays)
MOTU FW-CoreAudio (for poly recording)
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