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Default Favorite Aqua Plugins

Hehe. Piggy piggy.
I use stock pro tools plugins. (Use space a lot).
And I have NI komplete. That gives me guitar rig (with many other things), which gives me lots of delays and echos, including their IR reverb (reflektor) which has some great springs in it. NI konplete also gives me reaktor, which has so many amazing effects. I mostly use 3rd party stuff.
Valhalla vintage verb.
Valhalla space modulator.
Will be getting his delay also some day. But I donít even want to spend 50 dollars unless I need to. Not because I hate spending money, but because I hate to have things I donít use.
Fabfilter comps/eqs/desser
Klanghelms sddr saturation.
El Rey, diamond eq.
Antares autotune (light version).

Thatís pretty much it. (Might have forgotten something obvious).
I make a living doing sound design and music for computer games/tv shows/commercials etc. both electronic music and normal ďacousticĒ music (many genres, but you know, acoustic, as in real instruments).
Iím a 2 times emmy nominee. Not that i want to go ďWOW, worship meĒ, but just to show that I actually do this professionally.

About AA. Some things I think are way better than normal algo plugins. And I think I would have bought more of their plugins, but only do it if Iím extremely wowed and really need it for a current project.
I have tested their pultecs as well and almost bought them. Especially one of their units sounded incredible in the hi freq area as well. And could do things diamond couldnít. But I de-gasíed, and decided that I wanted to stay with what I have and get to know it.
I would say fabfilter is for surgical, clean stuff and AA for dirty stuff (along with sddr and reaktor stuff).


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