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Default Re: so no possibility to use more s3s but what about the S1

Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
It's a lot more complicated than that. Avid has to make money on the sales to enable the free software support and develop new products. Hardware prices are not just set, they are calculated from a large number of things, from development cost, to parts cost, manufacturing cost, supporting the hardware, software dev, not to mention general day to day running of Avid. The S3 isn't cheap to make unfortunately.

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I bought the S3 when it came out in 2014. It took until early 2019 until it began to be fun working with it. The EuControl Software still feels very 90s. I would love to pay for a good software support for a $5000 console. You can't expect high hardware sales with a software that doesn't seem to get the attention it needs.
Mixing on a D-Control still gives you the feeling of a better integrated hardware and software... my 2ct...
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