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Default Re: Eleven Rack direct monitoring always on

Ok was playing around with ProTools again this time I decided to play around with the arming of the tracks as well muting & soloing tracks and this got interesting. It seems muting the track with the 11R on it allowed for the other dry track with the Bias Amp and stereo Inserts seem to work (properly!?!) - I can't stress the seem enough. But then even if I disarm the track it will continue to come through (ie Bias and Stereo) over the top of whatever is being played, so, I will need to then use the mute and will continue to need to mute more tracks as the tracks add up which will only affect recording and will probably be playing to a click or other instrument.

So it's annoying yes, but, that is something I can live with.

Will post again if this stops working, and knowing my luck it will probably be tomorrow .
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