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Default Re: iMac 2017 / High Sierra / ProTools 12.8.3 ... the worst combination ??

For those of you wondering about the #2 fix:
"2) QUARTS REDRAWING ISSUE with 4 and 5K monitors"

I think it's referring to the "Scaled" display settings

I'm on an iMac Pro 10 core with 5K screen and I clicked on scaled in display settings and then chose the directly left option that says "looks like 2048 X 1152.

After changing the settings described in the earlier posts it's like night and day how much better the ProTools gui responds.

It SUCKS to lose that much screen real estate because Avid can't get their **** together but damn it makes it WAY BETTER to edit in EVERY window in ProTools.

I'm running 10.13.5 and PT 2018.4.0.

I work 95% with VI's and lots of plugins and I got the new 10 core pro because I needed the horsepower and man does it deliver. Too bad I have to lose screen resolution because of bad programming.

Anyway, I was just about to drop PT and move to Ableton because of the laggy PT gui but these settings have definitely made me reconsider it now.
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