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Default iMac 2017 / High Sierra / ProTools 12.8.3 ... the worst combination ??

Hello everyone,

Last week I bought a new iMac for my second studio (Sound Design for TV).
It's an iMac 2017 (non pro) 27" with Intel Core i7 4x4,2GHz, 40GB RAM, SSD and 8GB graphics card.
It comes with Mac OS 10.13.2.
I installed on it the latest version of ProTools HD (12.8.3) normally compatible with this version of Mac OS.

It's a really powerful machine and yet

The result is very bad. The display on the screen is extremely slow. The level indicators are late, the time line with waveforms is jerky. Each manipulation (for example, a simple cross-fade) is very slow.
Can not choose a latency below 1024 samples otherwise an error message (CPU overload error) appears. Even with a simple session (8 audio tracks and a video track). Yet, the activity monitor tells me that less than 5% of the processors are used.

I followed the instructions given by AVID here. But it does not change anything.

Are other people in my case?

My other studio is equipped with a MacPro 2011 (4x2,8GHz). With Mac OS Sierra (and not High Sierra). Pro Tools HD (Native). In the last few years I've also experienced some slowdowns in Pro Tools display (but not as much as with my new iMac). I thought it was because my machine was too old. But that does not seem to be the case.

Even my 2012 MacBook Air (2GHz Intel Core i7) makes Pro Tools run better

Thank you in advance for your help.
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