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Default Re: drum triggers/modules

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:<HR>Originally posted by the_riot:
Just in case you're still interested in an actual drum module, I thought I'd make my suggestion for the Alesis line, particularly the DM Pro. The quality of internal sounds on that thing is amazing, great for replacing any real drum sounds. Ever since the D4 many of them have become studio standards. The other perks would be that you could one day buy triggers or electronic pads and have a playable set, unlike software options. Not to mention the software for the DM Pro that allows you to import your own samples to a PCMCIA card for later use (live triggering, etc.) Hope this helps!!!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Just want to add a "ditto" to this post. My only gripe with the DMPro is its a little tedious to audition the patches. The quality is as good as it gets, though...all 20 bit with cymbal crashes that ring for 5 seconds with no looping. And it's very well set up for 12 (or is it 16?) triggers. Since Alesis has gone down I'm not sure how hard they are to get now, though...I wouldn't sit on the fence too long.
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