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Default Re: Slate Trigger 2 - from a stereo drum kit mixdown?

While it would be a ton of work, there are some things that can be done to "spruce up" a poor sounding drum track(I had to do this on a project a while ago and had really good results). I created a batch of blank audio tracks below my stereo drums(which I split to 2 mono tracks). I labelled them for kick, tom 1, tom 2 and tom 3(snare and cymbals sounded okay). Using Tab to Transient, I found kick hits and grabbed just the smallest clip and did a Copy>Paste onto the new Kick track. Repeat the same for the toms(thankfully it was a fairly sparse drum track. Once I had my new tracks with tiny snippets, I inserted Drumagog(any drum replacement plugin works) and added in samples to augment the weak original drums. a lot of work? You bet, but a really happy customer is a return customer
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