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Default Re: TO ALL TDM undecideds, HDX users are multiplying daily, AAX porting is as well.

[QUOTE=Firechild;1938561 Tell me what Im missing and will reconsider.[/QUOTE]

You all have good points of view no better or worse than my own. For me it made sense for you at this time it might not . I understand that some of you guys have really nice systems I would be jealous of if I was still in TDM. Man I wish I had a HD3/6 with that many plugins. You have systems that allow you to work the way you want and get the results you need ,what else could you ask for.

Im not trying to say if you don't have HDX you are somehow not capable of great things Im just saying for the people who are considering HDX as a option don't flood them with just the negative side of it. with all that is on here about HDX if someone at this point is considering HDX chances are they are not dependent on ProTools for a living and can ride along with HDX until it gets to where it will. Some people talk like HDX cannot complete a quality project and that is just not true. That is my point HDX as of now can complete a very high quality project.

To be honest with everybody with all the negative stuff on the forum I just wanted to say something positive . I don't agree disagree with any of you I just wanted to say something good because HDX isn't good its great. And it will only get better.
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