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Default Re: TO ALL TDM undecideds, HDX users are multiplying daily, AAX porting is as well.

Originally Posted by Electrox View Post
lack of industry acceptance
This is not my point at all. I think the industry has accepted HDX as the new standard its just taking a while longer to make the transition . With not much AAX DSP I can fully understand why some people cannot make the change to HDX. There rent food and car payment depend on having a system that is 100% ready and HDX isn't really there yet. If you do big sessions for a living and need the AAX DSP power, HDX doesn't offer that much this very moment . At this point everyone knows HDX is the new system it is way better ,faster, much cheaper , and undeniably sounds better ,

The fact that some people have not yet upgraded has a lot more to do with there favourite plugins not being available yet and some of those companies pretending that they might never be available. BULLARKY .
The whole world is in tough times right now studio,s are not immune to this neither are plugin manufacturers . My guess is sooner than later almost all TDM plugs will go AAX dsp. The industry has accepted HDX and so have 98% of plugin companies but HDX is all about going 64bit and that won't happen more than likely until HD11 comes out in October maybe later. When PT is 64bit the plugs will be to , but as someone already pointed out porting plugins is a big job and they are not going to do it twice once for 32bit now and then 64 bit later. Don't be surprised that when HD is 64bit there will be hundreds of new 64bit AAX dsp plugs announced along with it from almost all company,s.

Avid could have not released HDX and we all would have continued to buy TDM hardware software plugins and such . TDM ACCEL cards for $7500 each then the very next day released HDX with 100% support from every company 64bit enabled with no warning.
AVID decided to give us all the heads up a year in advance so we would be aware of transition to 64bit. I personally thank Avid for this. I just got into TDM and wanted to buy lots of plugins and extra accel cards and such. AVID did the honourable thing and it cost them lots of money. Im sure it wasn't in there best interest to do so but they did anyway. Doesn't that deserve some respect. Come on people give them some credit where they have earned it.

It wouldn't surprise me if every plugin company is hard at work right this very second on porting tdm to AAX dsp but it just won't be available until 64bit PT is out. It also wouldn't surprise me if some of these companies don't transition there old plugs to AAX they might simply just make new ones. Why would they port a old standard to a new one when the new quality lets them sound so much better . If electric cars were finally here as the norm would we expect GM FORD to modify our existing cars to electric at almost no cost. NO WE WOULDN'T. Some people have $15,000 in plugins. And thats a lot of FREE to ask for, maybe to much

This is just my personal opinion like everyone else,s but it makes sence to me and gives me something to look forward to I hope it does for you as well.
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