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Default Re: Pro Tools 9 is a SHAME for HD users!!!!!

Originally Posted by Brahamnesik View Post
Could you please explain why you would still use HD? What would you offer to your clients they can't get? Don't you think is better to have a lot of outboard?
Your fear of this drastic improvement belies two probabilities.

1. You don't have enough work now. (no shame, many of us don't) And you fear that you will have even less with PT9 being more comprehensive.
2. You think features are what gets you hired.

No matter what your rant is based on (I would be a little miffed had I bought HD/hardware new 6 months ago, but if you are in a client driven environment that investment should be long paid off. IOW, if you have not made 15k in 6 months...) let us know how that Sonar pays off for you. ff
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