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Default Re: PRE control has variable functionality within ProTools

We have several MP8R's at the facility I work in. When when I open up a session in Pro Tools, I've noticed that if I try to adjust anything with the premps within pro tools before pro tools and the MP8R's handshake (a series of relays can be heard clicking within the units), pro tools doesn't like to communicate well with them.

We've also suspected that the preamp levels occasionally aren't being correctly saved or recalled with a session, which can be annoying.

We're running Pro Tools HD Native v12.8.2 and rednet control v2.0.1. What versions are you running? I just checked there's a new version I'll have to try, under the bug fixes:

-Improved MIDI message rate to prevent communication delays between controller and device.
-Control over Channel 8 of RedNet 4 and RedNet MP8R has now been restored."

Originally Posted by Eric Seaberg View Post
Reassigned everything and restarted. It worked, then I unselected and reselected as you suggested WITHOUT restarting... nothing worked.

BTW, the RedNet app does need to be open for it to work, regardless.

We still have a communication issue with Ch 8 of the MP8, regardless of which PT system talks to it, so I'm thinking there's an issue with the Focusrite.

Thanks for the help... anything else?
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