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Default Re: Why yes, this is the successful Hackintosh build thread!

Originally Posted by Shan View Post
Too continue to sell Pro Tools hardware.

Before we get into a, "but they cant qualify these systems" debate, I'll remind all that there's not one custom PC build sticky with Avid qualified systems either. The PC's have all been "user qualified" for the past 12 years. Those PC build stickies are responsible for selling more Pro Tools rigs than any of their top sales people could ever do.

The real point here is that a Hackintosh is illegal and AVID cannot endorse it just because of that. And no, there's no "interpretation" of illegal here. It's plain illegal. Apple provides all OSX users with an agreement which clearly specifies that it is licensed only for computers built by Apple and forbids any kind of alteration or reverse engineering.

Is it possible to install OSX on a PC? Yes. Is it possible to make it work like the most expensive Mac Pro or even better? Probably yes. Would it be great if Apple released a multi-plattform OSX for PC users? Absolutely. BUT, right now, it's completely illegal to do so.

I'm actually surprised AVID moderators don't delete threads supporting "hackintosh" activity.

And don't take me wrong. I admire the ability and intelligence of the guys that have managed to crack/hack OSX to make it installable on a PC, and I too think Apple should release OSX to more than just Macs. But me and other million people thinking the same doesn't make it legal or right.

Do you see my PC specs on my signature? I tried making it a Hackintosh once, and everything except for my SAS controller worked. I was running OSX with almost the same components as a more than $10,000 Mac Pro. Still, I went back to Windows, because I knew it wasn't right. Anyway, ProTools was working great on both OSs and my "DVerb test" gave me the same results on both.

The audio world is full of (mainly very expensive) placebos.

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